Welcome to Wonder Bloons! We are a team of creators where we will take you up, up and away with the personalised balloons you will choose.

Proudly supports Qualatex biodegradable latex balloons.

Select your packages

Choose presets or even customise your very own balloon bouquet for every occasion whether it's for your own birthday party or a gift for loved ones to show that you care!

  • Basic {$55.95}

    Loving the single style!
    Consists of a 24" Clear Bubble Balloon with the choice of your fillings (gumballs, feather or confetti), personalised text, ribbon and tassels.

  • Pop {$75.95}

    Best seller alert!
    Consist of one 24" Clear Bubble Balloon with the choice of your fillings (gumballs, feather or confetti), personalised text, ribbon and tassels, five 12" latex balloons.

  • Jumbo {$89.95}

    Like a little more upsize?
    Consist of one 36" Solid Colour Balloon with the choice of personalised text, seven 12" latex balloons.

  • Gender Reveal {$59.95 / 75.95}

    Pop to reveal the gender of your baby!
    Consist of one 24" or 36" Black or Gold Balloon with the choice of your fillings (blue [male] or pink [female] confetti), personalised text, ribbon and tassels.

  • Custom {from $55.95}

    Flexible customisation at it's best.
    Share with us your idea of what you would like your balloon bouquet to look like. We will do our very best to make it come true! Click here to view our products.

  • Corporate Events {varies}

    Balloon logos or designs perfect for corporate or business events.
    For quotations, please email us at [email protected].

Note: For ribbons and tassels, we will help select the colours for you based off your theme.
As we are expanding, we are looking to challenge ourselves to be more creative with balloon bouquets.

How to Order

It's easy as just 6 simple steps to design your very own balloon(s) for any occasion you are after.

  • Package Step 1
  • Theme Step 2
  • Accessorise Step 3
  • Message Step 4
  • Share Step 5

1. Select your choice of package. a

2. Share with us your colour palette or themes.

3. Select your fillings options. b

4. Think of a personalised message or text.c

5. Share with us your ideas in the order form below and we will be in touch!

  • aPackages: Basic, Pop, Jumbo, Gender Reveal or Custom
  • b24" or 36" Bubble Balloon Fillings : Gumballs, Feather, Confetti or Mini Foil Shapes
  • c If you have a design in mind (font type, size or colour), please let us know in the Additional Notes field and we will request for either an png or jpg file.

Order Form

We appreciate your interest and we will try our best to respond within 24-48 hours.

Please provide us the following details so we can assist quicker with your request.

  • Which package {Basic, Pop, Jumbo, Gender Reveal or Custom} would you like?

  • What is the theme (Example: Unicorn, Heroes, etc.) or colours (Example: Pastel, Gold and Black, etc) are you after?

  • Which fillings {Gumballs, Feathers, Confetti, or Mini Foil Shapes} are you after?
    Please note that depending on your package type, there will be additional fee for mini foil shapes.

  • What text (Example: Happy Birthday Alice!, Happy Mother's Day, etc.) would you like to see on the 24" or 36" Bubble Balloon?
    If you have an idea of how it should be printed, feel free to share with us in a png, jpg, eps or svg file format.

  • Are there any additional things you would like to add to your package?
    For additional items, please click here to view our products.